global goals

for sustainable development


Whilst I love design, I'm also really inspired by the work carried out by organisations round the world striving to make the planet a better place for all. I made the move into the International Development sector in early 2018 with the desire to work in an environment that has a real impact on peoples lives.


Everyone has their own goals in life, but the Global Goals for Sustainable Development aim to have the planet working together towards the same 17 goals to achieve a more sustainable world by 2030.

With the power to end poverty, battle inequality and paralyse global warming, the goals will build a more responsible, just and peaceful future for everyone. 

my global goal.



Good health equals good well-being. I recently got into cycling and reconnected with running - I've never felt better.


In September this year I climbed Ben Nevis in support of my close friend's Dad who is battling MND and on the way up I spent some time discussing photography with Scott Jackson (check out his amazing stuff here!). It gave me the inspiration to set up this side project doing something creative, providing another great outlet for mental well-being whilst also helping local business's and individuals create great brands.  


Before joining the International Development sector my impression of aid was purely what we see on the TV, Lenny Henry and Comic Relief. However, I've been fascinated by the work ongoing around the world to tackle disease successfully; fewer children are dying and we’re living longer than ever.


Tragically, not everyone has access to the medical help they need. They can't hop on a bike as an escape, have a sound meal to replenish their fuel, access basic medical care like I was able to when I came tumbling off. Goal 3 is all about keeping everyone’s state of health in check. By fighting almost every disease to ensuring healthy lifestyles, finding preventative measures and promoting well-being for all at all ages, the global goals can keep the world’s wellness in balance.